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Rebecca Morgan works in Denison Museum group exhibition

Appalachia is a mountainous area of the Eastern United States spanning 13 states from the southern edges of New York to the northernmost reaches of Georgia and Alabama. This exhibition celebrates the activists, artists, and intellectuals who enrich their region with creativity, culture, and art. Through the diverse perspectives of these artists, we hope to convey the complexity of this region, and by doing so familiarize viewers with its impact and history.

Rather than rely on tired stereotypes of this region’s struggles, this exhibit draws on the talents of artists, writers, filmmakers, and common individuals. We invite you to learn about the rich history of this area from the natives best qualified to tell it.

Participating artists: Natalie Baxter, Black in Appalachia: Research, Education & Support, Chase Bowman, Danielle Burke, Hu Chi Lee, Bobby T. Luck, Rebecca Morgan, Elaine McMillion Sheldon, Curren Sheldon, Doug Swift, Raymond Thompson Jr., Thorn Collaborative.

Writers: Michale Croley, Jack Shuler, Doug Swift, 100 Days in Appalachia, Appalachia Retelling Project, Elon Justice.

Please see the Museum website for information regarding exhibition related events.

Special thanks to: Michael Croley, Jack Shuler, Doug Swift; William Isom II, Director, Black in Appalachia; Elon Justice, Creator, The Appalachian Retelling Project; and Ashton Marra, Executive Editor, 100 days in Appalachia.

The Denison Museum interns: Maya Barlow, Ellie Blasko, Emma Driver, Talia Ferguson-Nieves, Ava Goodwin, Emily Harris, Anne Mattoni, Allie Mohn, Isabelle Monyak, Dana Randall, Ellie Schrader, and Elizabeth Sullivan.