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Jasper de Beijer photograph

THE END OF WAR - 100 years after WWI - includes paintings, works on paper, sculptures, and video.

"The End of War" opens on November 11, 2018. That day, 100 years ago, a ceasefire was declared for the First World War. A real declaration of peace never came. Instead, 21 years later war was declared a second time. The End of War is still not reached.

In this exhibition, artists sketch images of wars, conflicts and armed violence. Works are included by by Jasper de Beijer, Jürgen Brodwolf, Kevin Berlin, Richard Bouwman, Theo Eissens, Aaron van Erp, Albrecht Genin, Ad Gerritsen, Ottmar Hörl, Kcho, Anselm Kiefer, Raquel Maulwurf, Ruri Matsumoto, Ryan Mendoza, Adriaan Rees, Manfred Schneider, Simon Schrikker, José María Sicilia, Ingrid Simons and Roger Wardin.