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Painting by Katarina Riesing in the Group Exhibition: "Not One Day", curated by Lydia McCarthy at Essex Flowers, NYC


Organized by Lydia McCarthy
November 28 - December 20, 2020
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 28, 12-6pm

Jaime Gecker | Sabetty Heyaime | Whitney Hubbs | Lydia McCarthy | Azikiwe Mohammed | Katarina Riesing | Carlos Rosales-Silva | Alexandra Smith | Jonathan Torres 

...But to desire, still and always, to keep desiring, endlessly, full throttle, running on empty, in mourning, on your deathbed, amidst massacres, at the foot of the gallows, whatever…

They’ll break you in, my friend.

Anne Garréta, Not One Day

Not one day passes during which I do not think about desire. Desire to return to, desire to hold onto, desire to become, desire to escape. Intellectually, I understand that desire causes suffering, that to yearn for something you do not have only leads to disappointment. Fulfilled desire is rarely fulfillment. It is endlessly disappointing and never lives up to the fantasy. Once in action, desire can only be sustained when the unknown is still present. And yet...I am unable to escape its pull. (Will I ever be satisfied?)

The isolation of the pandemic catapulted me into examining my own desire - what I desire, why I desire, who I desire. Without my community, without human contact, no art IRL. Staring at screens, endlessly refreshing my email, my Instagram, my Co-Star, my Hinge. Over and over and over again. Longing for connection, by any means necessary. Broken-in.

This work is tactile. It is textured, layered, worked and visceral. Hands constructing, reaching out, touching - objects of desire. It reveals a spectrum of desire, from the polished, sexy and smooth to the rough, raw and uncomfortable. My desire is large, it contains multitudes.

This is a show about desire.