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Matthew Craven installation in group show

Opening: Friday, May 24, 6-8pm

Dates: May 24-June 23

Lisa Alvarado, David Altmejd, Glen Baldridge, Melissa Brown, Matthew Craven, Kelley Donahue, The Family Acid,Tamara Gonzales, Jess Johnson, Sarah Anne Johnson, Lydia McCarthy, Benny Merris, Shana Moulton, Bayne Peterson,David B. Smith, Mike Taylor, Fred Tomaselli, James Welling, Saya Woolfalk 

We have entered a new world of psychedelic consciousness. It was birthed by Ken Kesey and raised by Terence McKenna - it is wild, open, Day-Glo, ego-death, downloaded onto our hard drive and written in our DNA. In our world we are witnessing deterioration, a crumbling of the illusions of freedom, equality and stability. We are moving towards fear and the unknown with eyes wide open.      

The artists in this show have a sincere and deep relationship with psychedelic culture and entering into new, experimental ways of making and thinking.