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Group exhibition installation

New York Magazine

This quiet Chelsea gallery often carries big artistic sticks. Witness this wonderful eight-person show of textile artists, who give us cosmic hooked rugs, banners, and secret stories unspooled in knotty thread, not to mention Katarina Riesing "paintings" made of lace and silk. Strike a psychic match and these works will make summer libidos tingle. -Jerry Saltz

Artnet News

In the Greek myth, the besotted Cretan Princess Ariadne leads Theseus, the object of her affections, from the Minotaur's labyrinth to freedom with a piece of thread. In this delightful exhibition at Asya Geisberg Gallery, we see eight women artists also using thread to its fullest potential, taking weaving, tapestry, embroidery, and more to often unexpected ends. Sophia Narrett's rapturous small-scale embroideries of sexual rendezvous are a particular favorite, appearing as organic objects, dripping with threads as though they were tendrils of vine. -Katie White