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Acrylic painting by Shane Walsh

A signature survey of contemporary art statewide, MMoCA’s Wisconsin Triennial is a cornerstone of curatorial programming. The 2019 Wisconsin Triennial will feature 34 individual artists and collectives working in painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, video, photography, performance, and sound—a broad array of mediums that reflects the diversity of approaches artists undertake in their explorations of process and content. The Wisconsin Triennialsimultaneously takes the pulse of the current artistic moment, both highlighting the latest developments in artistic practice and honoring timeless themes that remain relevant for artists working today.

As in previous years, the artists invited to participate in the 2019 Wisconsin Triennial were selected through a rigorous jury process undertaken by MMoCA’s curatorial team. The final roster of artists represents a range of individuals at all points in their careers, including professional artists with national reputations and current BFA students who are eager to show their work for the first time. A testament to the dedication and sophistication of Wisconsin’s artistic community, the 2019 Wisconsin Triennial serves as a platform to engender and celebrate artistic invention by both established and emerging artists.

MMoCA’s Triennial jury is comprised of Mel Becker Solomon, curator of the collection; Leah Kolb, curator of exhibitions; Sheri Castelnuovo, curator of education; and Stephen Fleischman, the Gabriele Haberland director. The jury process involved a careful review of material submitted by hundreds of artists, followed by visits to over 70 artist studios across the state.